Saturday, 20 October 2012

Dinosaur Shoes

Got these crazy little boots from Topshop recently, I really think they look like dinosaurs and I love dinosaurs!

Gipsy Lipstick & Leather

 Haven't posted in YONKS took these a while ago but I thought I may as well post them now, better late than never! I bought this Max Factor colour effect flipstick, and it doesn't make your lips look two different colours like the adverts would suggest, however, they do come in really cool colours and it stays on pretty well. The colour I bought which I'm wearing in these pics is Gipsy red.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012


(Multi-coloured jumper- Primark, black wax effect jeans- Topshop)
Haven't posted anything in a while been crazy busy recently with internships/ holidays/ bestival/ going back to uni, will post updates on these things at a later date. But this is just a little outfit post from a beautiful day out in the New Forest with my friends. Really wanted a multi-coloured knitted jumper for like a year now and was even thinking of actually learning to knit so I could knit one when I found this one in Primark, love it when that happens!

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Sunny Day

(Leather jacket- Primark, burgundy maxi dress- River Island, chain and suede sandals- Topshop, rucksack- Primark)
Just a little outfit post from one of the rare sunny days this summer.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Wrist Taco!

My gift from interning I absolutely love it!!! I was soo shocked they got me something, its the top bracelet and in my favourite colours and I really really wanted one the entire time I was there so it was a really good surprise. The bracelet is by Lucy Folk who is an amazing jewellery designer, her jewellery is beautiful and incredibly unique. This is the taco bracelet, because the silver part wrapped around the top is like a taco!  

Monday, 13 August 2012

Work Bag

I bought this bag off Ebay before I started interning over a month ago now, because I needed a bag that would fit my laptop in so that I didn't have to carry two bags. So I bought this one really cheap off ebay (around £28 including p&p) because I liked the style and colour etc' totally not realising it is a replica of the Phillip Lim bag! (I posted an image of the original just above this). But never mind I love it, it's a great size, it's green and I love green, I can use it for uni afterwards and I think it looks really classy, so makes me look more mature and grown up which is a plus too especially for work!

Last Day Leather & Denim

(Leather waistcoat- Primark, black top- Urban Outfitters, denim high-waisted skirt- stolen from the mum, belt- Primark, ankle boots- Topshop, necklace- Urban Outfitters)
For the past month I have been doing an internship in fashion pr which is why I haven't posted much because I've been completely knackered! But friday was my last day there and this was my last day at the internship outfit.

Sunday, 29 July 2012


Sparkly nails in silver multi glitter Barry M.

New Skirt

 (Leather waistcoat- Primark, crop top- H&M, green tie-dye skirt- Portobello market, bag- Promod, ankle boots- Topshop)

Got this little skirt at portobello market, thought it looked good with a crop top and a bit of leather. I'm using this bag as my camera bag at the moment, I think it looks much better and is easier to carry around than an actual camera bag.

Sunday, 15 July 2012


(Miu Miu cat-eye grey glitter sunglasses, Ray-Ban clubmaster sunglasses)
I really want both of these sunglasses but due to my current funds I cannot afford them which makes me really sad, so if anyone with a lot of money would like to purchase them for me I would be forever grateful.

Sunday, 8 July 2012

New Jeans

(Blazer- Primark, white top- Primark mens which I cut up myself, jeans- H&M, pumps- Topshop, bag- Zara)

Just got these jeans from H&M they are ridiculously tight I had to get a size 10 and I'm not usually a 10 in jeans. I really like them they are a bit different to usual jeans and I think they really jazz up boring outfits. Also they look really good with a lot of my clothes as I have a lot of neutral things in my wardrobe and they were a great price for jeans too £24.99.

Gel Nails

 About a month ago my beautiful friend Andi Bradley took me to get my nails gelled for the first time ever, I think the technical term is called shellac or something but I totally love it its seriously addictive. They have come off now but as soon as I have money I'm getting them done again they really make your nails look amazing and you can get sparkly ones too!

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Holiday Snaps From Hvar

 Here are some pictures from my holiday to the Croatian island of Hvar! I went with my two mates Jo and Shannon and had 9 glorious days of sun, sea, rocks, sea urchins, delicious food, boat rides, island parties, kuna and honey grappa! So sad to leave I could have stayed there for the whole summer, I'm definitely going to go again and I severely recommend Hvar to anyone.