Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Customising Shorts

Here are the before and after versions of two pairs of shorts I have customised. The first I took a pair of black denim shorts and I sprayed a combination of bleach and water on to the front and back of them. Then I left the bleach to soak in for half an hour and then I rinsed the bleach out and put them in the washing machine, then I left them to dry in the sun to give them more of a distressed style.
I made the second pair of shorts because I have wanted the Bitching and Junkfood versions for ages but they are really expensive so I decided to create my own. I bought a pair of grey Levi shorts and spike studs off ebay, which altogether came to about £25 then I cut the bottom of the shorts so that they would fit me better and then I studded the sides and back of the shorts. I thought the studs looked good there, but there are loads of different ways and studs people use to do this and I think I am going to do this again to another pair of shorts but with flatter pyramid studs which come in silver and gold and I want to scatter them over one side of the shorts, as I think that would look good too.

Crazy Nails

Just some crazy nail combinations mint green and lemon yellow and grey and glitter!