Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Bleaching Triangles

I recently customised this plain black vest top into a top which I think is a lot more interesting. The symbol of a triangle this way up with the point facing down is the symbol for a female as well as the symbol for earth signs and I am a taurus, which is an earth sign and I a female, so I thought this was appropriate. I did this by first of all cutting the top into a shape which I think is more flattering and unique, I cut the sleeves down lower so that more of your side can be seen, then I cut the front hem higher and kept the back long for a high-low hem look. Then I created this rather rough stencil of a triangle with a mini triangle inside, so it would just be the outline of a triangle, and I did this just using card. Next I got a spray bottle and filled it with about three fingers of bleach and I added a tiny bit of water to that, then I sprayed the top where I wanted the bleach to take effect. I did mine quite messy as I wanted more of a distressed, scattered, look to my top, which is why it has splatters around the triangle. I then left the bleach to soak in and take effect and then I rinsed the top out with water and dried it in the sun. I am really happy with the final look I got and now I have a completely unique top which I made almost completely for free!        

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