Sunday, 17 February 2013

Transitional Crops

(Day outfit- Crop top- Topshop, black wax effect jeans- Topshop, ankle boots- Topshop, backpack- Primark. Evening outfit- Crop top- Topshop, black skirt- New Look, ankle boots Topshop, hand bag- Primark, earrings- Topshop)

Got this yellow gem from Topshop recently and it looks really yellow in these pics when in fact it's actually slightly greeny yellow and a bit neon at the same time and I love it. It really only goes with black stuff and looks really good with black leather, but I did try it on with grey acid-wash jeans the other day and it looked good with them too, so I would say this is one transitional jumper! I love yellow and neon/ fluoro stuff at the moment and crop tops, so really this is an all in one! These are two outfits I have created to go with it, one for the day and the other for going out in the evening. I have also included a beautiful v-day silhouette me and my friend created just as a pretty valentines extra!

Monday, 11 February 2013

Love, want, need...

It's so sad I want all of these things and so much more and I can't get any of it because I am ridonculously poor... I will just have to resort to making things and customising clothes instead for now until I get some sort of job!