Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Alexander Wang Advertising Shoot

Did this shoot for a module at uni for advertising. I decided to do an advertising campaign for Alexander Wang as he is my favourite designer at the moment and he is awesome. I wanted the shoot to be a bit rugged and edgy and only use black and white for the styling. Really happy with the result Tilly was an amazing model and is the actual spitting image of Freja Beha Erichsen! 
I also did a still life accessories shoot to go with the 
advertising campaign, which included pieces of origami I made 
because I have always really loved origami, kind of weird and 
geeky but never mind, I thought it looked different!

Photography & Styling- Giovanna Balivo
Model- Tilly Metcalfe

Sunday, 3 March 2013

I Want Does Not Get :(

 (From bottom to top- Leather cut out top- Topshop, bright red platform heels- Topshop, loose fitting black drawstring shorts- Zara, bright yellow/ green handbag- River Island, print jumpsuit- Zara, white platform heels- Topshop, white bodycon dress with black leather effect detail around the neck- Zara)

Okay so recently I go shopping for outfits for the next shoot I am doing for an editorial shoot for uni and instead I just find a hell of a lot of stuff I want but cant get because I need the money to get stuff for the shoot instead + I am stupidly poor and the loan has nearly run out! So instead I took pics of the stuff I want just incase I win the lottery in the meantime so I can just run out and get all this stuff if I do!

Favourite Colours

I bought these about a month ago off Ebay for the summer! Soo cute took me ages to find these particular ones with the stripes in my fav colours red, yellow and green, so comfy and are guaranteed to go with everything this summer!