Sunday, 3 March 2013

I Want Does Not Get :(

 (From bottom to top- Leather cut out top- Topshop, bright red platform heels- Topshop, loose fitting black drawstring shorts- Zara, bright yellow/ green handbag- River Island, print jumpsuit- Zara, white platform heels- Topshop, white bodycon dress with black leather effect detail around the neck- Zara)

Okay so recently I go shopping for outfits for the next shoot I am doing for an editorial shoot for uni and instead I just find a hell of a lot of stuff I want but cant get because I need the money to get stuff for the shoot instead + I am stupidly poor and the loan has nearly run out! So instead I took pics of the stuff I want just incase I win the lottery in the meantime so I can just run out and get all this stuff if I do!

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