Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Rock 'n' Rose

I am in love with this Rock n Rose 'Beatrice Oversized Floral Crown Headband' sooooo much! I absolutely need it in my life to wear not only to Glastonbury, but all the time in my general day to day life, I don't care if I look like an over the top hippy I reckon being the daughter of a florist I just might be able to get away with it maybe... It is however £38 which is slightly out of my price range for a headband atm, as I still do not have a confirmed job for the summer. So I either have to wait for a beautiful admirer to buy it for me, oooor make one myself :S not really sure how yet but I reckon I could rumble something up! 

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Stars & Shorts

(Shirt- H&M, white vest top- H&M, denim shorts- Topshop, black boot heels- New Look, belt- Vintage, necklace- Vintage)

Just bought this little starry number from H&M kids! Apparently I am still the size of a 14 year old, which is good for me as it means I can fit into cheaper clothes, like this shirt. So if your ever bored of women's clothing, maybe venture into the kids section every now and then for a change!

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Lucky Birthday Girl!

(B'day Outfit- Dress- River Island, wedges- Urban Outfitters)

These are some of the lovely presents I got for my 21st birthday on Monday! I am soo happy I am such a lucky girl to have such amazing friends, family and boyfriend :D
Ow and the last pic is of my birthday outfit!

Friday, 3 May 2013

Wish List!

I will be turning 21 on the 13th of May and here are a few things on my wish list! Not that I will actually get any of them cough Mulberry Mini Alexa cough but I can only dream and I will probably end up buying most of the cheaper stuff with my birthday money anyway! 

From bottom up- Lost boxset which I have wanted ever since I was 13 no joke, paisley pattern bandeau bikini top Urban Outfitters, yellow glow in the dark nail varnish AMAZING Urban Outfitters, elephant shorts Urban again, Mulberry Mini Alexa (in my dreams), really want a light yellow bikini but I haven't actually found a specific one in the right style, colour or fit as of yet this one is from Topshop but its more of a lime yellow in real life, Butterfly Home by Matthew Williamson double bed sheets because they are absolutely beautiful just look at them these are another thing I have wanted for aaages, JUJU jelly sandals in black because they take me back to my childhood from Topshop/ New Look/ Office/ Urban/ River Island, Aria Perspex Two Piece Barrel Bag from Boohoo in yellow as I feel this will look amazing in the summer and I love yellow atm, Topshop elephant dungarees tried them on in store and they are super cool, MARC by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Wingman Wristlet Zip Wallet in Black another item I have wanted for absolutely years and lastly the sandals I want to be wearing all summer, the Jeffrey Campbell Puffer sandals in clear with gold spikes! 

Soo this is my wish list it's kinda long and very ambitious and it is probably just going to make me sad because I won't get or be able to afford half of it but never mind here it is!