Thursday, 13 June 2013

Sunny Skort!

 (Leather look top- Primark, white skort- Sheinside, studded gladiator sandals- Primark, triangle neon colar necklace & round sunglasses- New Look, brown camera bag- Promod)

 I got a job a few weeks ago so I thought to reward myself I would do some online shopping and that is where I discovered the skort. The skort is a pair of shorts which have the deceiving look of being a skirt when they are infact shorts. So it looks like I am wearing a really short skirt but in fact I am wearing a good length short! I love the skort so much I actually bought it in white and black because I couldn't decide which colour I liked more! I will post an outfit with the black version soon. I also bought both colours as the site which I got them off- is very reasonable priced and as it was my first time buying from there so I got 15% off my order for registering and free delivery too amazing! They are very good summer bottoms if the sun ever does decide to come back again :S

Also these are my new sunnies and necklace both from New Look. I really needed new sunglasses and I wanted round ones and Topshop were selling pretty much the same ones for triple the price of these New Look ones, which I think are pretty cool and they are round, which is what I wanted as round sunnies are the shape of this summer!

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